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Biographies and Personal Papers

The Life of John Marshall                 $ 32.95 
By Albert J. Beveridge.  An in-depth look at the life of Chief Justice
John Marshall as a politician, diplomatist, and statesman.


Public Papers of the Presidents: 

Dwight D. Eisenhower                             $ 42.95                


From the U.S. Government Printing Office, edited by Warren R. Reid

This collection contains the public messages, speeches, and statements of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, from 1953 to 1961.



General Joseph Wheeler                   $ 29.95


Proceedings in Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol upon the unveiling and presentation of the Statue of General Joseph Wheeler by the State of Alabama: Sixty-ninth Congress, March 12, 1925


The Love Story of Empress Josephine      $ 32.95


By James Endell.  A history of Josephine's life and love affairs.




Public Papers of the Presidents - 

Harry S. Truman                                         $ 52.95                                 


From the U.S. Government Printing Office,  Edited by Warren R. Reid.  An eight volume set containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of President Harry S. Truman. April 12, 1945 to December 31, 1953  




The Life and Times of Washington   $ 41.95


By Schroeder-Lossing; Chronicles Washington's life from his birth in 1732 through his youth and marriage, and his great military and political career to his death in Dec. 14,1799.  



George Washington Diaries, 1748-1799      $ 41.95


The Mount Vernon Ladies Association of the Union undertook to publish every available diary of George Washington in a complete and uniform edition.  The book contains the first complete list of all the diaries. At the time of publication (1925), there were forty 

original diaries known to be available.  Those forty diaries are contained in this collection.



The Writings of Thomas Jefferson      $ 52.95


Albert Ellery Bergh, Editor. This 20-volume set contains Jefferson’s autobiography, notes about Virginia, a parliamentary manual, official papers, messages, addresses, and other official and private writings.  




The Life and Works of Thomas Paine     $ 41.95


By William M. Van der Weyde, with an Introduction by Thomas Edison. 


According to Thomas Edison writes that Paine's works are a "crystallization of acute human reasoning." These volumes contain a biography of Thomas Paine as well as a collection of his works, such as "Age of Reason,"  "Rights of Man," and "Common Sense."



American Statesman

39 Volume Set  $ 94.75

Single Volumes  $ 25.95


Volume 1 - Benjamin Franklin              Volume 21 - Daniel Webster

Volume 2 - Samuel Adams                    Volume 22 - John C. Calhoun

Volume 3 - Patrick Henry                       Volume 23 - Thomas H. Benton

Volume 4 - George Washington I         Volume 24 - Lewis Cass  

Volume 5 - George Washington II        Volume 25 - Abraham Lincoln I

Volume 6 - John Adams                         Volume 26 - Abraham Lincoln II

Volume 7 - Alexander Hamilton           Volume 27 - William H. Seward

Volume 8 - Governor Morris                  Volume 28 - Salmon P. Chase

Volume 9 - John Jay                               Volume 29 - Charles F. Adams

Volume 10- John Marshall                     Volume 30 - Charles Sumner

Volume 11- Thomas Jefferson              Volume 31 - Thaddeus Stevens

Volume 12- James Madison                  Volume 32 - Ulysses S. Grant

Volume 13- Albert Gallatin                    Volume 33 - John Sherman

Volume 14- James Monroe                    Volume 34 - James G. Blaine

Volume 15- John Quincy Adams           Volume 35 - Thomas B. Reed

Volume 16- John Randolph                    Volume 36 - John Hay I

Volume 17- Andrew Jackson                 Volume 37 - John Hay II  

Volume 18- Martin Van Buren               Volume 38 - William McKinley I

Volume 19- Henry Clay I                        Volume 39 - William McKinley II

Volume 20- Henry Clay II                                


The Works of Theodore Roosevelt

20 Volume Set   $ 87.95

Single Volumes  $ 32.95


The National Edition of Roosevelt's works, published by Charles

Scribner's Sons.


Volume 1  - Hunting Trips of a Ranchman:  Ranch Life & the Hunting Trail

Volume 2  - Wilderness Hunter, Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter - I

Volume 3  - Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter - II

Volume 4  - African Game Trails

Volume 5  - Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Volume 6  - The Naval War of 1812

Volume 7  - Thomas Hart Benton, Gouverneur Morris

Volume 8  - The Winning of the West, I

Volume 9  - The Winning of the West, II

Volume 10 - Hero Tales from American History, Oliver Cromwell

Volume 11 - The Rough Riders, Men of Action

Volume 12 - Literary Essays

Volume 13 - American Ideals, The Strenuous Life

Volume 14 - Campaigns and Controversies

Volume 15 - State Papers as Governor and President

Volume 16 - American Problems

Volume 17 - Social Justice and Popular Rule

Volume 18 - America and the World War, Fear God and Take Your Own Part

Volume 19 - The Foes of Our Own Household, The Great Adventure,

            Letters to His Children

Volume 20 - Autobiography; Index  




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