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General History Titles

History of the War of 1812-1815           $ 32.95

A complete history of the War of 1812, this book discusses causes, battles, and the war's resolution.


History of the U.S.                                    $ 41.95

This history of the United States begins with the Compromise of 1850 and ends with the McKinley-Bryan Campaign of 1896. The volumes address issues such as Pierce's administration, the start of the Civil War, the re-election of Lincoln, Reconstruction, and the administrations of Grant, Hayes, and McKinley.


Great Events by Famous Historians         $ 94.75

A comprehensive account of the World's History in the words of the most eminent historians.


The American Nation: A History              $ 52.95

From Original Materials by Associated Scholars

This volume addresses the concept of the "American Nation", of a people thrown together to become a mighty political power, with a national tradition, a national purpose, and a national character. The American Nation addresses the idea that our nation is built on its own past and can be understood only in the light of its origin and development. To that end, this 21-volume series presents a thorough, chronological, and comprehensive history of the United States, from the time of the explorers through the end of the Civil War.


History of England                                     $ 52.95

By James Anthony Froude, M. A. A history of England from the fall of Wolsey to the death of Elizabeth.


Notable Women in History                       $ 31.95

By Willis J. Abbot. A history of women worldwide who have, throughout history, made a mark on the World's history.


Democracy in the Ancient World             $ 29.95

By T. R. Glover. This collection traces the evolution of the political concept of democracy from Homeric times to the beginning of the Roman Empire.


The Story of Mankind                               $ 32.95

By Hendrick W. Van Loon. An interesting look at history from the beginning of time through the end of World War I.



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