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World War I Titles

The European War: 

The New York Times Current History     $ 52.95

A monthly magazine produced by the New York Times covering WWI.


The LITERARY DIGEST: History of the World War $ 48.95

By Francis Whiting Halsey. Compiled from original and contemporary sources: American, British, French, German, and others.

Volume 1 - Introduction-Outbreak and Causes June 1914 - October 1914

Volume 2 - Western Front August 1914-July 1915

Volume 3 - Western Front July 1915-May 1917

Volume 4 - United States enters the War December 1916-March 1918

Volume 5 - Western Front March 1918-September 1918

Volume 6 - Armistice and German Revolution Sept 1918-Jan 1919

Volume 7 - Russian front August 1914-July 1919

Volume 8 - Turkey and the Balkans August 1914-October 1918

Volume 9 - Italy and Submarine Warfare August 1914-November 1918

Volume 10- Naval Battles, personal sketches, peace treaty, Chronology


Source Records of the Great War $ 41.95

Edited by Charles F. Horne, Ph. D. A comprehensive and readable record of the world's great war, containing documents from government archives and other authoritative sources. This reference set contains timetables, indices, and narratives.

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